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Who I Am

Hello, I’m David H. Walker. While my roots are in the coworking movement, my aspirations reach far beyond, into the realms of revolutionizing our engagement with work and business. My mission is not confined to one industry; rather, it extends into cultivating dialogues that champion innovation, collaboration, and a profound sense of community on a global scale. 

Bridging Worlds: Humanity and Technology

In an era dominated by technology, my passion is to explore its synergy with the essence of humanity. This journey transcends technology as a stand-alone tool, envisioning it as a bridge to new paradigms that draw us closer to our true selves and the collective. It's about leveraging innovative technology not just for efficiency but to unlock new levels of creativity and innovation.

Values-Driven Business and Society

Rooted in core values—family, spirituality, unity—our journey leads to a future where technology and mindful business practices shape society. Our advancements must amplify humanity, crafting a legacy that celebrates innovation and honors heritage.

David Walker

Entrepeneur & Collaborator

“In every project, I seek to blend innovation with community, creating spaces where collaboration isn’t just encouraged—it’s a way of life..”


My Writings

Shaping Tomorrow Exploring the intersection of business and culture reveals profound insights into the evolving landscape of work. This space is dedicated to sharing thought-provoking perspectives and stories that illuminate the path towards a more innovative and connected future.

Collaboration is Multiplication. Let's Connect-

Project Collaborations

Certainly, we can build a coworking space together, but I'm also open to exploring projects at the intersection of technology, innovation, and community. Whether it's integrating AI into new domains, fostering collaborative communities across various sectors, or pioneering new approaches to enhance our work and life environments, I'm ready to embrace collaborations that drive meaningful innovation.


Content Collaborations

Let's collaborate on creating powerful content together. You can share your insights on my platforms while I bring my perspectives to yours. Together, we can co-create articles and visuals that not only inspire our audiences but also build bridges to the future. This mutual exchange is the cornerstone of content collaboration, aimed at challenging the status quo and enriching the discourse on human innovation and the future of work.

Media & Podcast Interviews

Are you a journalist looking for a quote for a story? Are you a podcaster looking for a guest? I'm pleased to share insights on coworking, AI, the future of technology, and commercial real estate. Whether contributing to your articles or engaging in dialogue on your podcast—and inviting you to mine—we can amplify transformative discussions.


Transforming Workspaces, Transforming Work

My Coworking Projects

My Approach

Innovation & Collaboration

In my role as a leader in the coworking industry, I prioritize innovative strategies and collaborative efforts to transform traditional workspaces. My approach involves working closely with entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and organizations to create coworking spaces that are not only functional but also foster a sense of community and collaboration.

It's NOT "just business"

I believe ln leveraging business as a force for good, driving societal progress through purposeful collaboration and innovation.

Building for the Future.

 Leveraging my network, knowledge, and passion to create workspaces that meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.

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Community & Growth

A commitment to building strong, supportive communities.

We believe in the power of collaboration and growth, not just for our projects but for every individual involved. Our goal is to create spaces where everyone can thrive together.

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