Aura Capital


Coworking/Professional Services


Sanlam Tower, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi


Innovation at the Heart of Nairobi: In the bustling Westlands district of Nairobi, Workable emerges as a beacon of innovation in the coworking space sector. Founded with the vision to meet the dynamic needs of modern professionals, Workable situates itself at the crossroads of commerce, culture, and collaboration. This strategic positioning not only taps into the pulse of Nairobi’s vibrant community but also sets a new standard for workspace solutions in the city.

A Spectrum of Modern Workspace Solutions: Workable transcends traditional coworking norms by offering a diverse range of workspace solutions tailored to its members’ varying needs. From the flexibility of shared workspaces and the privacy of custom-designed private offices to the prestige of virtual offices and customized enterprise solutions, Workable’s offerings are meticulously crafted to foster productivity, innovation, and collaboration among Nairobi’s professionals.

Beyond Just Workspaces: More than just providing a place to work, Workable is dedicated to nurturing a thriving community where collaboration and shared success are paramount. It has quickly become a hub for professionals seeking to elevate their work experience in Nairobi, turning Workable into more than a coworking space—it’s a vibrant ecosystem of growth, creativity, and collective achievement. Through its comprehensive approach to coworking, Workable is not just redefining workspaces but is also shaping the future of professional collaboration and community in Nairobi’s Westlands district.