Ascendas-Singbridge / CapitaLand


Coworking/Urban Development


Singapore, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Bangalore


The Birth of Bridge+: In 2017, Ascendas-Singbridge unveiled Bridge+, revolutionizing the concept of coworking spaces. Born from the vision to blend flexible workspaces with dynamic collaborative areas, Bridge+ quickly transcended its role as a mere physical venue. Positioned at the forefront of Singapore’s Science Park, it emerged as a thriving ecosystem, where innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate giants converge to forge new technologies and services. This bold initiative marked a pivotal shift, embodying the spirit of sustainable urban development and the burgeoning shared economy.

Expansion and Evolution: The narrative of Bridge+ is one of relentless expansion and innovation. Spearheading beyond its Singaporean roots, Bridge+ ventured into major Asian cities, creating a network of state-of-the-art coworking spaces. Each location, including those in China and India, was meticulously designed to foster unparalleled synergy among diverse professional communities. By 2019, Bridge+ had established itself as a beacon of growth and a catalyst for economic transformation, continuously redefining the future of workspaces across the region.

Beyond Coworking: Ascendas-Singbridge’s vision extended into ‘space-as-a-service’ with The Workshop and CoSpace Park, each catering to unique segments of the market. From redefined industrial settings for SMEs and startups at The Workshop to fostering an R&D-centric community at CoSpace Park, these initiatives exemplify a commitment to innovation. Bridge+ and its sister projects are not just workspaces but communities that enrich lives, drive economic transformation, and symbolize the future of collaborative work environments in the modern economy.